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02. October 2019
Default Value UseKeyForHierarchySelection
The latest version of Analysis Office is now available. It was released on 27.09.2019 and after the go live of my project is now done, I may have time to look more into Analysis Office again. AO Prompt Selection makes Excel.exe freeze (s-note 2836430) Analysis Office: Red borders around valid new line cells (s-note 2831840) Exception when opening or saving a workbook or data source after Log Off (s-note 2838591) RRI passes wrong context for axis tuple element (s-note 2834404)...
16. August 2019
Until the end of the month you can get my book with 30% off. Just use the discount code Summer2019. You can buy it here.
15. August 2019
It's a kind of summer break at the moment and I haven't done a lot for this blog in the last time. But SAP now release the 7th service pack of Analysis Office. You can now use the filtering data access mode with SAP Analytics Cloud data sources, analytic and planning models. There are also 3 new file system settings: ShowCutCopyPasteInGridContextMenu EnableImprovedAddInCompatibility UseSeparateDisplaySettingsForFilterDialog The setting ShowCutCopyPasteInGridContextMenu allows you to sepcify...
09. July 2019
Query with a simple layout
It has been a quite while since the last post. But with a go live and a reorganization of my current project I hadn't time to look into some topic. But here is a new kind of interessting bug. We had an open task from a user of the controlling department, that a query display the message: "Size Limit of result set exceeded."
06. June 2019
Since 24.05.2019 the latest service pack of Analysis Office is available. At the moment I am working on a test tool to automate testing in BW so I can easy check if any change of mappings and so on has an impact on my ADSO or query result. But I found time to install it. A "bug" what I found was when I want to insert a data source from the recent list, nothing happend. The solution was to reinstall Analysis Office and now it works. Here is the list of bug fixes:
25. March 2019
Since last week SAP published the latest version of Analysis Office 2.7 SP5. I don't know if any other version ever had a service pack so high like the actual version. At this time SAP doesn't offer the newst help file under So stay tuned if there is something happening. Here is an overview about what they fixed:
07. February 2019
Since last week the latest SP of Analysis Office is available. You can download it here, but you need a S-User. I know I am a little bit late but here here is the overview of what is now fixed: AO 2.7: SAC - Exception when editing cell values while characteristic Versions is in Background Filters (s-note 2743351) AO 2.x: HANA - Member Selector - Searching for a date does not return any results for characteristics of data type "DATE" (s-note 2742728) AO: SAC - Versions Tab not displayed when...
13. January 2019
It is done, the newest edtion of Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide is available. It took me this time a little bit longer to update it. There are several reasons like my project workload or the the private stuff which make it sometimes difficult to write on a book and tests functions in peace without noise. You can now find it in the store and here is the table of content. It covers Analysis Office 2.7 SP3 and contains 299 Pages. It is only available as PDF but it is as always DRM free....
03. January 2019
Since the 21.12.2018 the latest service pack of Analysis Office 2.7 is available. I looked in the morning into the Support Portal but it wasn't released and in the afternoon Patrick wrote on Twitter, that Analysis Office 2.7 SP3 is released. I thought it wouldn't released anymore in 2018 but here are the fixed problems: New Options in Excel Single Workbook Publication (s-note 2729417) Bad Performance when switching presentations in Member Selector (s-note 2731997) Excel 2010 - "Not enough...
22. November 2018
I received an email from Jean-Pierre, who tried the new function Data Source for Defining Formulas of Analysis Office 2.7 - but it didn't work as he mentioned in his email. The option Select Data Soure for Defining Formulas was gray out for BEx Queries. It worked when he insert the Multiprovider or the Composite Provider. So I was very confused and tried to find a solution.

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