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Analysis Office · 21. April 2020
Currently I am working on my Analysis Office Video Course. It will be a full discover of Analysis for Office. So if you are interested in it, you can join the list to get a special price when it will be launched. Thank you for all your support.

Analysis Office · 20. April 2020
I am Tobias, I write this blog since 2014, you can find me on twitter and youtube. If you want you can leave me a paypal coffee donation. You can also contact me directly if you want.

Analysis Office · 03. April 2020
After the latest service pack of Analysis Office 2.8 was released this week, the online help is now available. Analysis Office now offers a button for creating and deleting of comments in the ribbon menu. In former versions, SAP used the text of Microsoft Excel for comments. As Microsoft renamed the comments to notes, it was inconsistent in the ribbon and the context menu. Now it is consistently again. Also new is the file system setting UseLegacyModeForFormulaContext which allows you to...

Analysis Office · 30. March 2020
Since today the latest version of Analysis Office 2.8 (release notes) is available. You can download it with your s-user in the SAP Support Portal. There are only a few fixes: AO: BEx Analyzer Workbook Conversion - Not all filters of Text Element converted (s-note 2902130) Chart Data Series are added again as Chart Data (s-note 2898931) Exception thrown when the login process is interrupted (s-note 2900972) Hierarchy selection disappears after confirming Filter Dialog in case of HANA (s-note...

Analysis Office · 18. March 2020
If you want the latest edition of Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide, you can get it now with a 20% discount until easter 2020. Use the code Easter2020 in the online shop. If you want to read a review first, have a look at the review from Tammy Powlas or from Xavier Hacking. Tammys review is about the 3rd edition and Xaviers about the 1st edition. If you have any questions or need any help, don't hesitate to contact me.

Analysis Office · 18. February 2020
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Analysis Office · 03. December 2019
Finally Analysis Office 2.8 is available. It took a long time but now it is available. Check out what is new.

AO Settings
Analysis Office · 17. December 2014
There are two ways to define a default workbook in Analysis for Office (AO). Either every user can define autonomously a Workbook as default Workbook or the IT sets this globally for all users permanently. The first way is very time-consuming because you have to define the default workbook for every Analysis Office User manually. The second way is much more comfortable.

Analysis Office · 05. December 2014
Connection error when using Analysis Office API to connect to your SAP Business Warehouse.

AO Undo
Analysis Office · 03. December 2014
There are a lot of new features in Analysis Office 1.4. As you can see the Undo/Redo function of Analysis Office is much more extensive than in the good old BEx Suite. it is now possible to go several steps back and to revoke.