Access BI platform with a .Net Application

After we configured the BI platform with Windows Active Directory Single sign-on (SSO) we now can access the BI platform easily with a .Net application. 
First you have to install the BIP .Net SDK. You can download it from the SAP marketplace. Go to Installations and Upgrades >> By Alphabetical Index (A-Z) >> B >> SBOP BI Platform (former SBOP Enterprise) >> SBOP BI Platform 4.2 >> Installation and Upgrade >> SBOP BI Platform 4.2 SP03 ENTER .NET SDK Runtime Windows. You need a S-User with download credentials. For more information about the SDK commands you can look into the help file and the documentation.
So now start a new Visual Studio project and add the following dlls to your project.
  • CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.Framework
  • CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.InfoStore

After you added these two dlls, we can build a test application in Visual Studio. We need a new button, which test if we have a connection to the BI platform. First we need a session manager.

Dim mySessionMgr as SessionMgr

We also need variables for user, password, url, port and authentication.

Dim user as String

Dim password as String

Dim url as String

Dim port as String

Dim auth as String

Now we have all variables which we need. So we can build our log on to the BI platform.

mySessionMgr = New SessionMgr

user = txt_username.Text

password = txt_password.Text

url = txt_url.Text

port = txt_port.Text

As authentication we can use between Enterprise or Windows Active Directory. But after we created the logon via Active Directory, we should use this authentication.

Select Case combobox_auth.Text

Case "Enterprise"

auth = "secEnterprise"

Case "Windows AD"

auth = "secWinAD"

End Select

So now we have all information to build our logon.

If mySessionMgr.Logon(user, password, url & ":" & port, auth) then

Messagebox.Show("Login was successful")


Messagebox.Show("Login wasn't successful")

End if

So now you can see if your logon is working or not. In the next article I write how to open a file on the BI platform (for this we need the dll CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.InfoStore). If you have any questions, feel free to comment under this article.

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