december 2019.

What's new in Analysis Office 2.8

Yeah finally is Analysis Office 2.8 available. It took a long time. Here is a overview what's new.

  • In the prompt dialog you can clear all values
  • In the prompt dialog you can insert easily ranges with "value" "space" "minus" "space" "value" e.g. 2018 - 2019
  • You can display Dimension Groups in the Query.
  • The used dimensions are highlighted in the design panel
  • You can easily select the access mode in the property view
  • Variants in the prompt dialog are now in alphabetical order
  • You can easily get the admin or user guide by pressing F1 in the ribbon menu or the help on this function in the insert function dialog. The sam works for the customize user interface and the technical configuration.

This are some sweet features even not everything is running smoothly.

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Analysis Office 2.8 is available

Since last week the latest version of Analysis Office is available. I installed it right away and want to test it. And what I have to see? You cann't add hierarchies into the rows or columns of your crosstab. I tried to record it maybe you can see it in the video below.

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