september 2015.

SAP Analysis for Office filter multiple items

Update: Since Analysis for Office 2.3 you also can filter your data by uploading a file.

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SAP Analysis for Office DataSource Info Field

As in BEx Analyzer, there is important information that you would like to represent in a Workbook. If you have worked with BEx Analyzer, this screenshot should be familiar.

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One further Excel Dashboard Example

The previous post about Excel Dashboards has such an appeal found, so I want to show another example.

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Create simple Excel Dashboards

You want to use the data which is provided by the Business Warehouse in your monthly report or any other report. The SAP Reporting tools like BEx Analyzer or Analysis for Office provides this data in "data tables". These are not easy to read and maybe it isn't possible to see at first glance what you want to express.

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