september 2014.

List of all SAP BW Users

Sometimes you want to know which users are created on a Business Warehouse system and if these have access or have been blocked from by incorrect logon. For this you can use the transaction rsusr200. In the transaction you can see the last login, the users validity, etc.

  1. Call transaction rsusr200
  2. Run
  3. List of all users appears
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SAP BW Authorization check

Sometimes you have to check the rights of users. For this you can use the transaction su53.

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Activate all inactive transformations

If you adjusts many objects in the Business Warehouse, a lot of transformations are automatically inactive. So you don't have to activate each transformation by hand, there is a ABAP program named RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE.

  1. Call transaction se38
  2. Run program RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE
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How to check the InfoCube scheme

SAP Business Warehouse transaction listschema
SAP Business Warehouse transaction listschema

There are several ways to look at the structure of an InfoCube. One way possibility would be to analyze it on the transaction rsa1. Another way to show the structure of an InfoCube is the transaction listschema.


  1. Call transaction listschema
  2. Choose a type of InfoCube
  3. Select a specific InfoCube
  4. Run
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Connecting via VBA to a SAP system

If you want to create automated reports with data from an SAP ERP or Business Warehouse system, you first need to connect to a SAP system. The connection can be used later to access system tables in the ERP or Business Warehouse or to trigger various other action.

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