What's new in Analysis Office 2.8

Yeah finally is Analysis Office 2.8 available. It took a long time. Here is a overview what's new.

  • In the prompt dialog you can clear all values
  • In the prompt dialog you can insert easily ranges with "value" "space" "minus" "space" "value" e.g. 2018 - 2019
  • You can display Dimension Groups in the Query.
  • The used dimensions are highlighted in the design panel
  • You can easily select the access mode in the property view
  • Variants in the prompt dialog are now in alphabetical order
  • You can easily get the admin or user guide by pressing F1 in the ribbon menu or the help on this function in the insert function dialog. The sam works for the customize user interface and the technical configuration.

This are some sweet features even not everything is running smoothly.

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Analysis Office 2.8 is available

Since last week the latest version of Analysis Office is available. I installed it right away and want to test it. And what I have to see? You cann't add hierarchies into the rows or columns of your crosstab. I tried to record it maybe you can see it in the video below.

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Analysis for Office Filter multiple hierarchy nodes

This week I discussed with a colleague. He ask if there is any way to filter multiple entries in a hierarchy because there is no Paste or Upload function in the hierarchy filter dialog.

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Decode an Analysis Office Workbook

The Analysis Office Workbook saves a lot of information in it. The Microsoft Excel format xlsx is a container which can save a lot of other information besides the normal data. When you rename a xlsx file to a zip file you can extract it with for example 7-Zip. Now you see the following folder structure.

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Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide

Now the book Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide 4th edition is now available via digistore24.com. You can use credit card, paypal and other payment options.


>>> https://www.digistore24.com/product/284862

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Analysis Office 2.7 SP8 is available

The latest version of Analysis Office is now available. It was released on 27.09.2019 and after the go live of my project is now done, I may have time to look more into Analysis Office again. 

  •  AO Prompt Selection makes Excel.exe freeze (s-note 2836430)
  • Analysis Office: Red borders around valid new line cells (s-note 2831840)
  • Exception when opening or saving a workbook or data source after Log Off (s-note 2838591)
  • RRI passes wrong context for axis tuple element (s-note 2834404)
  • SAPSetFilterComponent and Time Characteristics (s-note 2829371)

As you can see in this version there is not many things fixed or maybe they found not more? But the What's new Guide lists some new file system settings (technical parameter)


  • ForceWriteOlapConnectionInformationDuringWorkbookSave 
  • UseDocumentDescriptionToConstructBIDocumentFileName
  • UseDocumentDescriptionToConstructBWDocumentFileName
  • SacHttpSessionPingInterval
  • SearchFetchMemberLimit
  • AllowOverwritingOfDimensionNames
  • AllowOverwritingOfStructureMemberNames
  • ReverseVariableProcessingOrderForHanaFromOldxml
  • UseKeyForHierarchySelection
  • UseQueryVariantsForViews

The admin guide now documented now all these parameters. A nice parameter is UseKeyForHierarchySelection, which allows you to define if you want to see the keys of a hierarchy in the first coloumn or second column of your prompt.

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Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide Discount Code

Until the end of the month you can get my book with 30% off. Just use the discount code Summer2019. You can buy it here.

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What's new in Analysis Office 2.7 SP7

It's a kind of summer break at the moment and I haven't done a lot for this blog in the last time. But SAP now release the 7th service pack of Analysis Office. 


You can now use the filtering data access mode with SAP Analytics Cloud data sources, analytic and planning models. There are also 3 new file system settings:

  • ShowCutCopyPasteInGridContextMenu
  • EnableImprovedAddInCompatibility
  • UseSeparateDisplaySettingsForFilterDialog

The setting ShowCutCopyPasteInGridContextMenu allows you to sepcify whether the cut, copy and paste entries should be available in the context menu for a crosstab cell. The setting EnableImprovedAddInCompatibility should improve the compatibility with other Microsoft Office add-ins. How this work we will see.


The setting UseSeparateDisplaySettingsForFilterDialog you can define if the display settings defined in the filter dialog should be saved with the workbook.


So as you can see nothing spectecularit fixes also a little bit:

  • ALL: Current View Edition mode when a member start with the same characters that another member (s-note 2811124)
  • ALL: during a customized drill through Excel remains frozen (s-note 2813223)
  • ALL: last selection not saved when set to Base Level (s-note 2811297)
  • AO 2.7 SP6: Office 2010 - Can't open AO workbooks via launcher (s-note 2814329)
  • Analysis Office Performance Issue when Refreshing Workbooks with Many Format (Design) Rules (s-note 2813968)
  • ALL:Report options are truncated (s-note 2814791)

 I am still looking for Analysis Office 2.8, but now I am first enyoing my vacation.

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SAP BW F4 BAdI to restrict hierarchy nodes

In our current project we had to deal with the requirement that the enduser only want to show a certain node of a hierarchy to filter. So we used the F4 restriction from the transaction spro. You find the entry under Business Warehouse >> Enhancements >> BAdI: Restricting the Value Help in the Variables Screen. We implemented it in the method GET_RESTRICTION_NODE.


At this time I had only experience with the method GET_RESTRICTION_FLAT and searched for implementation examples. I found a wiki entry on scn. In our case we had bookable nodes so we implemented it like this to get these node and all children of it.


l_s_node-nodename = 'NODE1'.

l_s_node-niobnjm      = 'ZZ_IO'.

Append l_s_node to c_t_node.


But it didn't work out. The debugging showed no error, but the restriction always showed the complete hierarchy. After a little digging we found our mistake, it have to look like the follwing:


l_s_node-nodename = 'LEAF1'.

Append l_s_node to c_t_node.

l_s_node-nodename = 'LEAF2'.

Append l_s_node to c_t_node.


And so on for all leafs. So we had to add all leafs and not the nodes. I didn't found any good explanation so here is the short article about it. Thanks to my collegue who had the problem.

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Analysis Office Size Limit of result set exceeded with small query

It has been a quite while since the last post. But with a go live and a reorganization of my current project I hadn't time to look into some topic. But here is a new kind of interessting bug. We had an open task from a user of the controlling department, that a query display the message:

"Size Limit of result set exceeded."

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Analysis Office 2.7 SP6 is available

Since 24.05.2019 the latest service pack of Analysis Office is available. At the moment I am working on a test tool to automate testing in BW so I can easy check if any change of mappings and so on has an impact on my ADSO or query result. But I found time to install it. A "bug" what I found was when I want to insert a data source from the recent list, nothing happend. The solution was to reinstall Analysis Office and now it works. Here is the list of bug fixes:

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SAP BW fix incorrect data in a DataStore-Object

Here just a short notice if somebody doesn't know it yet. If you have a false information in a data record you can fix this manually either in a PSA or (A)DSO. Just select the desired entry and click Display (F7).

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SAP HANA Table Functions

It has been very quite at the moment.Because nothing spectecular is happening in the Analysis Office world. SAP released Analysis Office 2.7 SP5. I still hope they get Analysis Office 2.8 back on track and without so much problems as they have today.  But back to topic.

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Analysis Office 2.7 SP5 is available

Since last week SAP published the latest version of Analysis Office 2.7 SP5. I don't know if any other version ever had a service pack so high like the actual version. At this time SAP doesn't offer the newst help file under help.sap.com/boaa. So stay tuned if there is something happening. Here is an overview about what they fixed:

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Customer exit variable to hide hierachy node

In my current project we have the hide a position in a hierarchy, because it is a departmental requirement. The hierarchy is used by many departments so we cannot change it and we also don't want to have the same hierarchy two times (except for the one position). So we first excluded the position in the query.

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Analysis Office 2.7 SP4 is available

Since last week the latest SP of Analysis Office is available. You can download it here, but you need a S-User.  I know I am a little bit late but here here is the overview of what is now fixed:

  • AO 2.7: SAC - Exception when editing cell values while characteristic Versions is in Background Filters (s-note 2743351)
  • AO 2.x: HANA - Member Selector - Searching for a date does not return any results for characteristics of data type "DATE" (s-note 2742728)
  • AO: SAC - Versions Tab not displayed when opening a saved workbook that contains a planning enabled model (s-note 2743355)
  • Analysis Office: Exception when closing Excel workbook (s-note 2741439)
  • Analysis Office: calling SAPSetFilterComponent via Visual Basic throws an exception (s-note 2740920)
  • Analysis Office: connection to BW system fails if message server is maintained on BIP using router syntax (s-note 2744794)
  • Dependent hierarchy node variables have wrong value (s-note 2745229)
  • Excel hangs during workbook refresh (s-note 2743853)
  • F4 Help on Input Ready Cells (s-note 2742723)
  • SAPGetData referencing a cell of type numeric (s-note 2741409)
  • ALL:Report recognition issue (s-note 2743045)
  • AO 2.x: Can't logon with language Basque / Euskara (EU) (s-note 2744455)
  • Added Support for PowerPoint Feature 'Design Ideas' (s-note 2743659)
  • Could not read grid properties (s-note 2744138)
  • Workbook is corrupted if contained charts are filtered (s-note 2741492)
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Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide 4th edition

It is done, the newest edtion of Analysis Office  - The Comprehensive Guide is available. It took me this time a little bit longer to update it. There are several reasons like my project workload or the the private stuff which make it sometimes difficult to write on a book and tests functions in peace without noise. You can now find it in the store and here is the table of content. It covers Analysis Office 2.7 SP3 and contains 299 Pages. It is only available as PDF but it is as always DRM free. Also is the 3rd edition now available on amazon.

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Analysis Office 2.7 SP3 is available

Since the 21.12.2018 the latest service pack of Analysis Office 2.7 is available. I looked in the morning into the Support Portal but it wasn't released and in the afternoon Patrick wrote on Twitter, that Analysis Office 2.7 SP3 is released. I thought it wouldn't released anymore in 2018 but here are the fixed problems:

  • New Options in Excel Single Workbook Publication (s-note 2729417)
  • Bad Performance when switching presentations in Member Selector (s-note 2731997)
  • Excel 2010 - "Not enough system resources" exception after disabling Analysis (s-note 2715429)
  • Rendering issues with hierarchies when opening or saving workbooks (s-note 2730596)
  • After launching document from platform some functionality of Analysis Office is not available (s-note 2725968)
  • Analysis Office Scheduling Fails for Workbooks with Waterfall Charts (s-note 2731173)
  • Analysis Office: Expanding or collapsing hierachical nodes not possible after entering planning data (s-note 2725060)
  • Analysis for Office: empty cell is displayed instead of header text when using grouped crosstabs (s-note 2714938)
  • Array Formulas are not dectected and updated (s-note 2729399)
  • BW comments: document filter (s-note 2709480)
  • CTRL + F4 or ALT + F4 open Value Help on Input Enabled Cell (s-note 2718143)
  • Crosstab Formatting by User is discarded when Data is Removed Before Saving (s-note 2715376)
  • Dynamic calculation initially not visible (s-note 2714787)
  • Error caused by circular dependency with restrictions (s-note 2732084)
  • Error when open workbook from BI Launchpad with local BW data source (s-note 2725798)
  • Exception 0x80020005 when working with several workbooks (s-note 2714665)
  • Exception when selecting measure or key figure of crosstab (s-note 2719635)
  • Known Issues in Application Builder Embedded Profiles in Analysis Office (s-note 2685815)
  • Missing authorization when loading comments from BI Platform (s-note 2717435)
  • Recent List of Open Workbook from SAP Business Objects BI Platform shows all workbook entries as enabled (s-note 2723455)
  • Ribbon controls get duplicated with Embedded profiles in Analysis Office workbooks (s-note 2717113)
  • ValueHelp is shown by pressing F4 even if context is wrong (s-note 2716038)
  • Workbooks are loaded from Netweaver backend although caching is active (s-note 2722138)
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