Transport Dependency Check

The Transport Dependency Check (TDC) is a little tool that helps you to find related Business Warehouse transports with the same objects on it and are not imported yet to your production system. So you can find dependencies and make sure you will consider all necessary transport requests. This tool helps you to reduce the time to find all necessary transport requests.


The tool is writen in SAP ABAP and packed as a package with abapGIT.

Transport Dependency Check Compact View
Transport Dependency Check Compact View

How it works

  1. Install abapGIT in your system
  2. Import the Transport Dependency Check repository into your system
  3. Open transaction se38 and execute the program Z_TDC.
  4. Enter your transport request and select the options
    1. Last Go Live date
    2. Productive system
    3. The number of iterations how deep the dependencies should be checked (default 3)
    4. Details of the transport requests
  5. Execute the program.
  6. Have a look at your dependencies
Transport Dependency Check Detail View
Transport Dependency Check Detail View

This makes it a lot easier if you a in a project with several other people and if you don't know if there are any open transport request.

Transport Dependency Check

Check the dependency of your transport requests before you want to transport your development to your productive system.

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