august 2019.

Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide Discount Code

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What's new in Analysis Office 2.7 SP7

It's a kind of summer break at the moment and I haven't done a lot for this blog in the last time. But SAP now release the 7th service pack of Analysis Office. 


You can now use the filtering data access mode with SAP Analytics Cloud data sources, analytic and planning models. There are also 3 new file system settings:

  • ShowCutCopyPasteInGridContextMenu
  • EnableImprovedAddInCompatibility
  • UseSeparateDisplaySettingsForFilterDialog

The setting ShowCutCopyPasteInGridContextMenu allows you to sepcify whether the cut, copy and paste entries should be available in the context menu for a crosstab cell. The setting EnableImprovedAddInCompatibility should improve the compatibility with other Microsoft Office add-ins. How this work we will see.


The setting UseSeparateDisplaySettingsForFilterDialog you can define if the display settings defined in the filter dialog should be saved with the workbook.


So as you can see nothing spectecularit fixes also a little bit:

  • ALL: Current View Edition mode when a member start with the same characters that another member (s-note 2811124)
  • ALL: during a customized drill through Excel remains frozen (s-note 2813223)
  • ALL: last selection not saved when set to Base Level (s-note 2811297)
  • AO 2.7 SP6: Office 2010 - Can't open AO workbooks via launcher (s-note 2814329)
  • Analysis Office Performance Issue when Refreshing Workbooks with Many Format (Design) Rules (s-note 2813968)
  • ALL:Report options are truncated (s-note 2814791)

 I am still looking for Analysis Office 2.8, but now I am first enyoing my vacation.

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SAP BW F4 BAdI to restrict hierarchy nodes

In our current project we had to deal with the requirement that the enduser only want to show a certain node of a hierarchy to filter. So we used the F4 restriction from the transaction spro. You find the entry under Business Warehouse >> Enhancements >> BAdI: Restricting the Value Help in the Variables Screen. We implemented it in the method GET_RESTRICTION_NODE.


At this time I had only experience with the method GET_RESTRICTION_FLAT and searched for implementation examples. I found a wiki entry on scn. In our case we had bookable nodes so we implemented it like this to get these node and all children of it.


l_s_node-nodename = 'NODE1'.

l_s_node-niobnjm      = 'ZZ_IO'.

Append l_s_node to c_t_node.


But it didn't work out. The debugging showed no error, but the restriction always showed the complete hierarchy. After a little digging we found our mistake, it have to look like the follwing:


l_s_node-nodename = 'LEAF1'.

Append l_s_node to c_t_node.

l_s_node-nodename = 'LEAF2'.

Append l_s_node to c_t_node.


And so on for all leafs. So we had to add all leafs and not the nodes. I didn't found any good explanation so here is the short article about it. Thanks to my collegue who had the problem.

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