february 2019.

Analysis Office 2.7 SP4 is available

Since last week the latest SP of Analysis Office is available. You can download it here, but you need a S-User.  I know I am a little bit late but here here is the overview of what is now fixed:

  • AO 2.7: SAC - Exception when editing cell values while characteristic Versions is in Background Filters (s-note 2743351)
  • AO 2.x: HANA - Member Selector - Searching for a date does not return any results for characteristics of data type "DATE" (s-note 2742728)
  • AO: SAC - Versions Tab not displayed when opening a saved workbook that contains a planning enabled model (s-note 2743355)
  • Analysis Office: Exception when closing Excel workbook (s-note 2741439)
  • Analysis Office: calling SAPSetFilterComponent via Visual Basic throws an exception (s-note 2740920)
  • Analysis Office: connection to BW system fails if message server is maintained on BIP using router syntax (s-note 2744794)
  • Dependent hierarchy node variables have wrong value (s-note 2745229)
  • Excel hangs during workbook refresh (s-note 2743853)
  • F4 Help on Input Ready Cells (s-note 2742723)
  • SAPGetData referencing a cell of type numeric (s-note 2741409)
  • ALL:Report recognition issue (s-note 2743045)
  • AO 2.x: Can't logon with language Basque / Euskara (EU) (s-note 2744455)
  • Added Support for PowerPoint Feature 'Design Ideas' (s-note 2743659)
  • Could not read grid properties (s-note 2744138)
  • Workbook is corrupted if contained charts are filtered (s-note 2741492)
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