january 2019.

Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide 4th edition

It is done, the newest edtion of Analysis Office  - The Comprehensive Guide is available. It took me this time a little bit longer to update it. There are several reasons like my project workload or the the private stuff which make it sometimes difficult to write on a book and tests functions in peace without noise. You can now find it in the store and here is the table of content. It covers Analysis Office 2.7 SP3 and contains 299 Pages. It is only available as PDF but it is as always DRM free. Also is the 3rd edition now available on amazon.

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Analysis Office 2.7 SP3 is available

Since the 21.12.2018 the latest service pack of Analysis Office 2.7 is available. I looked in the morning into the Support Portal but it wasn't released and in the afternoon Patrick wrote on Twitter, that Analysis Office 2.7 SP3 is released. I thought it wouldn't released anymore in 2018 but here are the fixed problems:

  • New Options in Excel Single Workbook Publication (s-note 2729417)
  • Bad Performance when switching presentations in Member Selector (s-note 2731997)
  • Excel 2010 - "Not enough system resources" exception after disabling Analysis (s-note 2715429)
  • Rendering issues with hierarchies when opening or saving workbooks (s-note 2730596)
  • After launching document from platform some functionality of Analysis Office is not available (s-note 2725968)
  • Analysis Office Scheduling Fails for Workbooks with Waterfall Charts (s-note 2731173)
  • Analysis Office: Expanding or collapsing hierachical nodes not possible after entering planning data (s-note 2725060)
  • Analysis for Office: empty cell is displayed instead of header text when using grouped crosstabs (s-note 2714938)
  • Array Formulas are not dectected and updated (s-note 2729399)
  • BW comments: document filter (s-note 2709480)
  • CTRL + F4 or ALT + F4 open Value Help on Input Enabled Cell (s-note 2718143)
  • Crosstab Formatting by User is discarded when Data is Removed Before Saving (s-note 2715376)
  • Dynamic calculation initially not visible (s-note 2714787)
  • Error caused by circular dependency with restrictions (s-note 2732084)
  • Error when open workbook from BI Launchpad with local BW data source (s-note 2725798)
  • Exception 0x80020005 when working with several workbooks (s-note 2714665)
  • Exception when selecting measure or key figure of crosstab (s-note 2719635)
  • Known Issues in Application Builder Embedded Profiles in Analysis Office (s-note 2685815)
  • Missing authorization when loading comments from BI Platform (s-note 2717435)
  • Recent List of Open Workbook from SAP Business Objects BI Platform shows all workbook entries as enabled (s-note 2723455)
  • Ribbon controls get duplicated with Embedded profiles in Analysis Office workbooks (s-note 2717113)
  • ValueHelp is shown by pressing F4 even if context is wrong (s-note 2716038)
  • Workbooks are loaded from Netweaver backend although caching is active (s-note 2722138)
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