Open documents from BI platfrom with .Net

After we can log on to a BI platform with our .Net application, we want to open a document for example a Analysis Office workbook. First we have to define several variables.

Dim boInfoStore as InfoStore

Dim boEnterpriseService as EnterpriseService

Dim boInfoObjects as InfoObjects


Dim boEnterpriseSession as EnterpriseSession

After we have now all variables, we expand our source code from the previous post. So if something isn't clear, feel free to write a comment.

boEnterpriseSession = mySessionMgr.Logon(user, password, url & ":" & port, auth)

After we initialize the boEnterpriseSession, we could work with this session to get our objects from the BI platform.

boEnterpriseService = boEnterpriseSession.GetService("", "InfoStore")

boInfoStore = New InfoStore(boEnterpriseService)

Now we connected the EnterpriseService with the InfoStore-Object, so we are able to execute SQL commands. You can find all objects inside the BI platform with SQL statements. You can reach the AdminTools via http://yourBIplatform:8080/AdminTools/ to test your SQL statements.

boInfoObjects = boInfoStore.Query("SELECT * from CI_INFOOBJECTS WHERE SI_KIND = 'AO.Workbook'")

This command makes a SQL Select Statement and delievers all Analysis Office Workbooks. You can now open or display all boInfoObjects. If there are any questions feel free to ask.

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