Analysis Office 2.7 SP5 is available

Since last week SAP published the latest version of Analysis Office 2.7 SP5. I don't know if any other version ever had a service pack so high like the actual version. At this time SAP doesn't offer the newst help file under So stay tuned if there is something happening. Here is an overview about what they fixed:

  • ALL: Context Hide and Context Lock issues (s-note 2768898)
  • Workbook is corrupted if contained charts are filtered (s-note 2767246)
  • Errors with SAPSelectMember formula and sheet protection (s-note 2765798)
  • SAP Formulas in Scheduled Workbooks are Displayed as #NAME? in Excel (s-note 2765716)
  • Analysis Office: Exception when a workbook contains combined crosstabs where the master crosstab has no data available (s-note 2765191)
  • BPCNW: HTTP 404 Error when Prompting Password Change in BPC NW 11 (s-note 2763430)
  • Valus of new planning lines are not transferred, if a datasource is set to autorefresh = false (s-note 2762513)
  • Analysis Office: query views not contained in a role are displayed in the role tab of the Select Data Source dialog (s-note 2762494)
  • Analysis Office: router string not used for BW connections maintained on BIP (s-note 2761063)
  • Analysis Office: Error 'Operation aborted due to invalid input' is displayed when no applicable data is found for the query (s-note 2760996)
  • AO: Excel crashes when using shortcut CTRL+S to save workbook which have been opened from the server (s-note 2759142)
  • Data is not removed if Excel Workbook is saved and closed simultaneously (s-note 2757935)
  • Save Workbook cannot be performed for worksheets with Excel Sorting and which don't contain EPM Report (s-note 2756889)
  • Object Id of workbook is not written to RSDDSTAT_OLAP (s-note 2755181)
  • ALL: Edit report with dimensions containing non-contextual relationship (s-note 2753472)
  • ALL:Issues when refreshing EPM reports in Word document (s-note 2752809)
  • Analysis Office: wrong error message 'Data source xxx was not found on system yyy' is displayed (s-note 2752535)
  • Prompts dialog: Variable shows green tick mark despite error messages (s-note 2752045)
  • Waterfall Chart - 'Remove Data Before Saving' does not work (s-note 2751509)
  • Analysis Office: Excel crashes when trying to save a local workbook using Ctrl+S shortcut (s-note 2751426)
  • AO: Improved Third Party Add-In compatibility - Excel crashes when using AO and Third Party Add-Ins at the same time (s-note 2750514)
  • Opening a workbook twice leads to an exception (s-note 2750223)
  • AO formulas not working when refreshing via Workbook_SAP_Initialize event (s-note 2749895)
  • ALL: Offline mode issue when merged cell reference (s-note 2747950)
  • Saving of Workbook fails when Waterfall Chart contains no Title (s-note 2747066)
  • AO 2.x: Member Selector - Searching for member keys with a backslash in it does not work (s-note 2745608)
  • Improvements: performance tooling/ profiling workbook in Analysis Office (s-note 2744828)
  • Analysis Office: connection to BW system fails if message server is maintained on BIP using router syntax (s-note 2744794)
  • AO 2.x: Can't logon with language Basque / Euskara (EU) (s-note 2744455)
  • Could not read grid properties (s-note 2744138)
  • Excel hangs during workbook refresh (s-note 2743853)
  • Added Support for PowerPoint Feature 'Design Ideas' (s-note 2743659)
  • AO: SAC - Versions Tab not displayed when opening a saved workbook that contains a planning enabled model (s-note 2743355)
  • AO 2.7: SAC - Exception when editing cell values while characteristic Versions is in Background Filters (s-note 2743351)
  • ALL: Report Recognition issue (s-note 2743045)
  • AO 2.x: HANA - Member Selector - Searching for a date does not return any results for characteristics of data type "DATE" (s-note 2742728)
  • F4 Help on Input Ready Cells (s-note 2742723)
  • Workbook is corrupted if contained charts are filtered (s-note 2741492)
  • SAPGetData referencing a cell of type numeric (s-note 2741409)
  • Analysis Office: calling SAPSetFilterComponent via Visual Basic throws an exception (s-note 2740920)

Wow. 😱 That's a lot what SAP fixes with this service pack. Is Analysis Office meanwhile so complex? I hope they get the product a bit more stable again and I am still looking expectant to Analysis Office 2.8


If someone found any further information about this version, please send me an email.


I am Tobias, I write this blog since 2014, you can find me on twitter and youtube. If you want you can leave me a paypal coffee donation. You can also contact me directly if you want.

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  • #1

    moritz (Friday, 29 March 2019 15:34)

    Hi, have you collected any experiences already with this SP? We're on 2.7 SP2 and consider updating.

  • #2

    Tobias (Tuesday, 02 April 2019 20:10)

    Hi Moritz,

    I just installed the new version but I don't have further experience. Maybe you can ask Patrick (@Zisi1990) on twitter, because he test it a lot.