Create own Excel formula

In Excel you can quickly create very complex formulas. If you want to simplify your formula, you can also write your own function in VBA. Here is an example for calculating the percentage variance from the previous year.


Option Explicit

Public Function prozent(source As Double, target As Double)

prozent = Application.WorksheetFunction.IfError(IIf(target < 0,(source - target) / -target, (source - target) / target), 0)

End Function


As you can see, a very simple formula. For this purpose the sample as an Excel formula.


=IFERROR(IF(targetCell < 0,(sourceCell - targetCell) / - targetCell,(sourceCell - targetCell / targetCell), 0)


= (ACT) 215 - (PY) 204 / (PY) 204 = 0,055 = 5,5 %


As you can see the own formula is more readable and can be easily combined with another formula.

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