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20. February 2017
A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine, ask me how he can get the calendar week to use it in the Analysis Office API SAPSetFilter. I developed a short macro which defines the calendar week to use it in 0CALWEEK. Maybe someone has another solution for this.
Analysis Office Crosstab without Product Images
06. February 2017
In the comments of this blogpost on, Stephen Hobbs showed his idea of insert a product Image besides the crosstab in combination with the new Customize User Interface function. So I make my own thoughts how I can realize a thing like this.

Analysis Office SAPInsertLine After Dimension
10. October 2016
The API command SAPInsertLine is available since version 2.2 SP3 of Analysis Office. With this function you can insert a new line into a crosstab. There are five input-parameters available: RuleID Data Source Alias Position PositionBy PositionBy parameters You can define the RuleID, if you do not define an ID, the system generates one automatically. As Data Source Alias, you have to enter the data source alias, e.g. DS_1. As Position you can choose between Before, After, BelowHeader or...

27. September 2016
At the moment I am working very hard to get my book done, so this is only a short blog post how to use SAPGetVariable with VBA. The Analysis Office help provides no example so here it is:
Analysis Office Table Design
13. June 2016
Since Analysis Office 2.0 you have the option Table Design. You can now create new empty rows and columns.

Analysis Office Logon Netweaver
03. June 2016
A new feature of Analysis Office 2.3 is a macro called SAPOpenWorkbook. Some of you maybe know the old sapbex.xla!SAPBExReadWorkbook or the BExAnalyzer.xla!runWorkbook command. The user guide explanation for this macro is: You can use this API method to open an Analysis workbook. The workbook that should be opened can be stored on a SAP NetWeaver server or on a BI platform. The workbook is opened in the same Microsoft Excel instance. After the command execution, the opened workbook is active....

05. April 2016
After SAP still doesn't provide a native button in Analysis Office 2.2 SP2 to log off from a system, I decided to make a short instruction from my article "Analysis Office 2.1 Logoff via VBA". Have fun.
19. November 2015
After the article "Connecting error in Analysis for Office via VBA" is often read, I would like to publish a few tips and tricks about working with Analysis Office. The most important thing when you are working with VBA in Analysis Office, is the refresh of the DataSource(s). Otherwise nothing works. Once a connection to the Business Warehouse is established, each DataSource needs to be refreshed. If you have only one DataSource, that is the source code: Call...
12. November 2015
Since version 2.1 Analysis Office is now finally a VBA command to log out of the current system. So far is nothing in the help file, but it is called in the SCN Forum under "Whats new in Analysis Office 2.1". The command is: Public Sub Logoff() Call Application.Run("SAPLogoff",Parameter) End Sub Parameter: True: With this value, the connection is restarted the system False: With this value the connection will not restart the system Result: 0: faulty execution 1: Successful execution

07. October 2015
Before you can use Analysis Office with Visual Basic for Application, you have to load the Analysis Addin. The code for this is in Analysis Office 1.4: Private Sub EnableAnalysisOffice() Dim addin As COMAddIn For Each addin In Application.COMAddIns If addin.progID= "SBOP.AdvancedAnalysis.Addin.1" Then If addin.Connect= False Then addin.Connect= True End If Next End Sub In Analysis Office 2.0, SAP has changed the name of the addin. The command is now: Private Sub EnableAnalysisOffice() Dim addin...

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