Design Studio Mobile Application

Mobile Application is the big thing in management. If you want to create a mobile application in SAP Design Studio, SAP have some recommendations:

  • Keep the application simple and don't use too many components
  • Don't use crosstab components for smartphone applications
  • Limit the total number of cells in your crosstab to 500 for tablet applications

I hope everybody stick to this recommendations or we will see people looking like that:

To scale sensibly an application on the mobile platform, the setting for height and width for tables and diagrams must be set to AUTO. Butons and other components must be displayed large enough to be used. After the mobile application is build, it must be published on the BI platform.

Publish a mobile application on BIP

Step 1: Log on to BI platfrom and select the desired application

Step 2: Right click and select Mobile Properties

BI Platform Mobile Properties
BI Platform Mobile Properties

Step 3: Select Display on mobile

Step 4: Send application into the BI Inbox

Step 5: Application is now available on mobile

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