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21. July 2017
Mobile Application is the big thing in management. If you want to create a mobile application in SAP Design Studio, SAP have some recommendations: Keep the application simple and don't use too many components Don't use crosstab components for smartphone applications Limit the total number of cells in your crosstab to 500 for tablet applications I hope everybody stick to this recommendations or we will see people looking like that:
14. November 2016
SAP Design Studio Export Application
If a SAP Design Studio Application has been developed in local mode or on a develop machine, these can be exported and then imported into a new system. Here is a short guide.
07. November 2016
SAP Design Studio About Installation Details
Here is a short guide how to update an extension in SAP Design Studio. 1. Select Help >> About
06. November 2016
Eclipse Preferences
In this article I describe in a short manual how to set up Eclipse for Design Studio. 1. Open Eclispe and choose Window >> Preferences.
20. September 2016
The information what you need to use Design Studio including the SDK can be found on many places. My problem was there is no guide where you find everything and here is a list:
15. August 2016
Design Studio Settings
The Preferred Startup Mode of Design Studio decides where an application is developed and saved.
19. July 2016
Sometimes Design Studio crashes during start after installation of a new version. I found two threads in the SCN. The simple solution is to uninstall Design Studio, rename the following folder: C:\Users\<user>\Analysis-config C:\Users\<user>\Analysis-workspace and reinstall Design Studio again. Maybe sometimes it is enough to rename only the folders. More Design Studio troubleshooting can be find in the Design Studio Wiki.
01. June 2016
The new Design Studio version will be released on 8th June. New features will be only available on BI platform, not on SAP NetWeaver. Here is a short Overview of the Roadmap. End user Waterfall Info Charts Display scaling factors in Info Chart Resizable, moveable dialogs Analyst Ad-hoc currency conversion Build virtual hierarchy of stacked dimensions Cascading Filter for Universe and CSV as Data Source Designer, developer, admin New standard components, e.g. Dialog, Filter Bar, Link, Multi-Line...
04. April 2016
Platform Extensions
If you have developed your own extension with the SAP Design Studio SDK and want to publish this extension on the BI Platform, you have to click on Help >> Platform Extensions. Now you see the following screen.
09. March 2016
Design Studio Script Editor
I just want to implement a button which should print my application. I found a tutorial, which says the code is APPLICATION.PRINT. But when I write the coding in Design Studio, .Print isn't available.

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