SAP Transport Dependency Check

The SAP Transport Dependency Check (TDC) is a little tool that helps you to find corresponding transport requests in your SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse  which are not imported yet in your target system (e.g. production system). First you have to enter a transport request you want to check and also a target system and the last considered date (e.g. last go live).


You can either have a look at a compressed view where you can only see the transport requests.

Transport Dependency Check compact view
Transport Dependency Check compact view

Or you choose the detail view which allows you to see every object on the transport request.

Transport Dependency Check detail view
Transport Dependency Check detail view

If you have the same problems as I do in some projects you will love this tool, because it makes your project day easier. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. You can get it in the online store and soon there will be other useful ABAP tools available.


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Transport Dependency Check
Check the dependency of your transport requests before you want to transport your development to your productive system.
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