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06. August 2019
In our current project we had to deal with the requirement that the enduser only want to show a certain node of a hierarchy to filter. So we used the F4 restriction from the transaction spro. You find the entry under Business Warehouse >> Enhancements >> BAdI: Restricting the Value Help in the Variables Screen. We implemented it in the method GET_RESTRICTION_NODE. At this time I had only experience with the method GET_RESTRICTION_FLAT and searched for implementation examples. I...
08. May 2019
Detail view of an entry
How to fix incorrect data in a SAP table like a DataStoreObject or PSA table.
04. March 2019
Hide hierachy node in BEx Query Designer
In my current project we have the hide a position in a hierarchy, because it is a departmental requirement. The hierarchy is used by many departments so we cannot change it and we also don't want to have the same hierarchy two times (except for the one position). So we first excluded the position in the query.
26. November 2018
DTP Extraction tab
In my current project I have to filter data with a lot of logic. So I build some ABAP routines in a DTP filter to receive the necessary data. First you have to open the DataTransferProcess (DTP) in change mode and select the Filter button on the Extraction tab.
23. July 2018
Transport already released
In my current project we have a go live. So I needed a function to reset the transport status of some transports. So if you release your transport falsely the transport is locked by release and can no longer be removed from the transport status. Maybe you also want to delete the entire transport request. This option is also denied as soon as the tasks have been released. The standard procedures are very laborious and not only cost a lot of time, but also have a certain risk potential. SAP...
16. July 2018
Analysis Office Components tab - Use Data Source Formula-Optimized
A new function in Analysis Office 2.7 is "Select Data Source for Defining Formulas". But what does this mean? First the prerequisites: BW/4HANA SP8 and apply the following notes: 2624495 and 2600508 BW 7.50 SP12 (or >= SP8 and apply the following notes: 2579842, 2627315, 2624495 and 2600508) So I just logged into my BW 7.50 test system and what I have to see, we only have a BW 7.5 SP11. So I have applied the notes and each note need further notes to implemented. I just want to test something...
08. May 2018
SAP BW Assign infoobject to MultiProvider
In my current project we run into an issue that we have to match navigation attributes from one ADSO to an infoobject of another ADSO. The old feature of a MultiProvider was to Identify (assign).
08. May 2018
I hope you can help me, to find out if there is any interesting about a book that covers BW Backend topics. I think about a book which covers SAP HANA, AMDP/ABAP, BW Administration and so on. Thanks for your time.
06. February 2018
Z-Table to decode information
In my current project I have a file to import, which only delivers me a string with a length of 1000. I also get a description what is in this file. Like the following points: Customer from 1 to 10 City from 11 to 50 The file looks like: 0000123456London............................ So I have a file and a description how to decode this file. Now I need to find a way to separate this information into InfoObjects. I build a Z-Table which contains the decode information.
12. January 2018
Old booked value
Lately, all my posts started with "In my current project", so now something else, even if it was developed in the current project. The problem we are facing with is that we get a data extraction which deliver us only the new data records, not the reverse data record.

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