BW/4HANA XXL InfoObjects

Last week a colleague and I look into the XXL InfoObjects in SAP BW/4HANA. We searched the online help and there is a short video about the topic. But after that we had no clue how we can use it. Can we use it in Analysis for Office? Or just in the query or Composite Provider? What is the purpose of these InfoObjects? Can we store a documentation and open it directly from the query?

So I build an example XXL InfoObject and added it as a XXL Attribute to an InfoObject. This InfoObject was in my Composite Provider, so I looked into the Composite Provider with Analysis for Office and don't see the XXL InfoObject. So we are back to start. What can I do with it? Now I asked around on twitter. And I was surprised about the answers.

Jakob wrote:

"Its not only to use it. You have to maintain, visualize and to report it. One of the miracles. Man people wants it , test it......a few scenarios which is valueble....."


Roland wrote:

"Indeed, looked promising, never found a usecase"


Georgios wrote:

"I don’t see any use case to be honest. I wanted to use them once to report on some quite long text values until I realized they can’t be used in reporting."


Jakob wrote:

We used it in planning application to comment keyfigures. Onother case was to integrate PDF in dashbords for documentations. Another usecase was to Integrated CAD drawings in a dashboard for Real Estate application. To store is not the problem anymore. To visualize edit etc..


Jakob wrote:

We used WAD and in the row there was displays a icon. After clicking you got a separete window. I have to look for the fuba or Some documentation. It was not completly visible! Thats what i mean vizualising and reporting can be a challenge :)


Marc wrote:

Haven’t tried but the announcement included an example https://blogs.sap.com/2019/09/23/improvements-of-bw4hana-analytical-engine-in-q3-2019-with-nw-bw-sp16-or-q1-2020-with-bw4hana-2.0-sp4/



So now I have a possible purpose but no clue how to use it exactly. Maybe someone from SAP can light me up? Or show some use cases? Thanks to all answers, maybe someone has another good idea? You can leave it in the comments.



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