SAP BW: Keyfigure to Account Model

In my current project we have a lots of source systems which delivers our data in a key figure model. In a normal case is this not a problem. But we need the values of the key figures in a hierarchy. So there are two ways to realize it. First way would be we build a structure with restricted key figures and get our hierarchy. Here is the problem, the customer will need different queries to realize his needs. If there is a change, we need to adjust different queries (each has a light different hierarchy) and the maintainace is immense.

Query Hierarchy Structure
Query Hierarchy Structure

Another way is to use an account model. Here is your first Problem, we only get a key figure model and it is not so easy to use rule groups or a simply routine, because we get around 100 key figures. So it isn't easy as Denis wrote in his post (this post is in German). But I found, really I can't belive I found an article on the former SCN. This post decribes how to transform a key figure based model to an account based model with some ABAP coding and an expert routine. So I think that must be the answer to my problem, but it isn't so well writen that I could use it. But the start was done. I need a Z-Table and some ABAP. First I created my Z-Table with four fields:

  • AREA

AREA is necessary to use this table in different deparments, SOURCE_KF represents the source key figure for example /BIC/ZGROSSVAL and the ACCOUNTPOSITION is the technical key of the account model, for example 15.

Z-Table for Mapping Keyfigure to Account
Z-Table for Mapping Keyfigure to Account

This was the easy part. Now I need some ABAP and here I had some struggle.

Data: lt_account        type HASHED TABLE OF z_account WITH UNIQUE KEY source_kf,
            ls_account        like LINE OF lt_account.


FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fv_source> type any.


Select * from z_account into table lt_account WHERE area = 'SOMETHING'.




  Loop at lt_account into ls_account.


    RESULT_FIELDS-/BIC/VF0CBPOS = ls_account-berichtsposition.


    ASSIGN COMPONENT ls_account-source_kf of STRUCTURE <source_fields> to <fv_source>.


    RESULT_FIELDS-/bic/vf0kbehw = <fv_source>.





The Problem was the ASSIGN COMPONENT part, which I didn't know how to work, but a colleague helped me here. So that's it. The Z-Table can be modified to fulfill your needs, but the basic code should help you to realize a solution.

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