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Crosstab before Filter by Member Attribute
27. December 2017
A feature which I didn't know even it is available since Analysis Office 2.2 is to search and filter by attribute. First select a dimension you want to filter.

Query Hierarchy Structure
12. December 2017
In my current project we have a lots of source systems which delivers our data in a key figure model. In a normal case is this not a problem. But we need the values of the key figures in a hierarchy. So there are two ways to realize it. First way would be we build a structure with restricted key figures and get our hierarchy. Here is the problem, the customer will need different queries to realize his needs. If there is a change, we need to adjust different queries (each has a light different...

11. December 2017
As you might know, Analysis Office 2.6 is available now. To download it, you need a S-User with download credentials. First SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Microsoft Office is now called, SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office. Damn I have to rewrite my book, just kidding. Here is a short overview of What's new in Analysis Office 2.6: You can now copy a Table Design formula by using Microsoft Excel Fill Handling The formula SAPSetFilterComponent has a new selection type MEMBERSSELECTOR. The API...