Start a Process Chain by VBA

If you want to start a Process Chain and you maybe haven't got the rights in the BW, you can start a Process Chain by VBA. Use the following source code:

Private Sub PC_Start()


Dim FUBA_PC As Object 'Variable function module

Dim T_I_Options As Object 'Variable rfc_read_table options

Dim T_I_Fields As Object 'Variable rfc_read_table fields

Dim T_E_Data As Object 'Variable rfc_read_table data

Dim retn As Boolean 'Variable return value


'function module Process Chain start



.exports("I_CHAIN") = "TECHNICALNAME" 'Name of the Process Chain

End With


'Run function module

retn = FUBA_PC.Call

Set T_E_Data = Nothing

Set T_I_Fields = Nothing

Set T_I_Options = Nothing


End Sub

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