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VBA · 23. October 2014
If you want to start a Process Chain and you maybe haven't got the rights in the BW, you can start a Process Chain by VBA. Use the following source code:

VBA · 22. October 2014
If you have created your own SAP function module, you can use this with the following VBA code. Sub FunctionModule() 'Variables Definition Dim MyFunc As Object Dim E_INSERTED As Object Dim E_MODIFIED As Object Dim DATA As Object Set MyFunc = R3.Add("Z_RSDRI_UPDATE_LCP") 'FunctionModule Name in SAP BW Set E_INSERTED = MyFunc.imports("E_INSERTED") 'InsertFunction in SAP BW Set E_MODIFIED = MyFunc.imports("E_MODIFIED") 'ModifyFunction in SAP BW Set DATA = MyFunc.tables("I_T_DATA") 'Table to store...