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19. October 2015
In BEx Analyzer you could jump into another query from a query / workbook. The GoTo-Function make sense if you have one query for overview and one for detail.

Analysis Office Missing Crosstab
15. October 2015
When you have macros in your Analysis Office Workbook and you remove the Crosstab of a DataSource, Analysis Office maybe crashes. Therefore, if you need the DataSource no longer, you should remove it completely and not only the Crosstab.

07. October 2015
Before you can use Analysis Office with Visual Basic for Application, you have to load the Analysis Addin. The code for this is in Analysis Office 1.4: Private Sub EnableAnalysisOffice() Dim addin As COMAddIn For Each addin In Application.COMAddIns If addin.progID= "SBOP.AdvancedAnalysis.Addin.1" Then If addin.Connect= False Then addin.Connect= True End If Next End Sub In Analysis Office 2.0, SAP has changed the name of the addin. The command is now: Private Sub EnableAnalysisOffice() Dim addin...