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25. July 2016
Analysis Office SAPGetMember & SAPGetVariable
Analysis Office provides own Microsoft Excel formulas to show information of your data source. I want to explain some of the functions and how to use them in a dashboard or a report. SAPGetVariable SAPGetMember SAPGetInfoLabel SAPGetSourceInfo SAPGetWorkbookInfo SAPGetDimensionInfo SAPListOF SAPListOfDimensions SAPListOfEffectiveFilters SAPListOfDynamicFilters SAPSetFilterComponent The function SAPGetVariable returns the value for a specific BW variable. For example:
19. July 2016
Sometimes Design Studio crashes during start after installation of a new version. I found two threads in the SCN. The simple solution is to uninstall Design Studio, rename the following folder: C:\Users\<user>\Analysis-config C:\Users\<user>\Analysis-workspace and reinstall Design Studio again. Maybe sometimes it is enough to rename only the folders. More Design Studio troubleshooting can be find in the Design Studio Wiki.
11. July 2016
BEx Analyzer Upload Selection
A feature of Bex Analyzer was the upload of selections, so you haven't to type the selections all the time. This feature wasn't available for Analysis Office until version 2.2 SP3. So I looked deeper in this function and want to share my knowledge.
04. July 2016
Analysis Office Save Variant
Analysis Office has different two kinds of variants. One is a workbook variant and the other is a DataSource variant. So what is exactly the difference? If you have a workbook you can save your variants in the prompt dialog.