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Analysis Office Prompt without Pattern
27. June 2016
Since Analysis Office 2.0 the administrative settings are moved from the registry to the file system. These settings are now maintained in a XML file. As in my article “Analysis Office 2.2 SP2” mentioned the Ao_app.config is repeatedly expanded and sometimes there are new commands available. In this context the admin guide is always very useful. On this Topic there is also a SAP Note 1920589. To use “Contains Pattern” as it is described in the Analysis Office Help under “Syntax for...

21. June 2016
I just got access to a NetWeaver 7.5 SP2 and I want to test it with Analysis Office 2.3. So I open Excel and insert a query. And here we go first error: "unable to open data source", so I thought maybe the query is broken and I developed a new query and insert it. Here we go, same error. Maybe queries don't work, so I insert a InfoCube directly. Same error... Now I refresh the insert query and got an Analysis Office message: Error while executing function module: BICS_PROV_OPEN In the...
Analysis Office Table Design
13. June 2016
Since Analysis Office 2.0 you have the option Table Design. You can now create new empty rows and columns.

BEx Query Properties Last Changed
07. June 2016
The other day I had a very strange phenomenon. I was at a client, where I had created several queries a month ago. The query information shows me as owner of these queries. In the meantime the Department has made some small changes, so that I was no longer the last user who changed the query.

Analysis Office Logon Netweaver
03. June 2016
A new feature of Analysis Office 2.3 is a macro called SAPOpenWorkbook. Some of you maybe know the old sapbex.xla!SAPBExReadWorkbook or the BExAnalyzer.xla!runWorkbook command. The user guide explanation for this macro is: You can use this API method to open an Analysis workbook. The workbook that should be opened can be stored on a SAP NetWeaver server or on a BI platform. The workbook is opened in the same Microsoft Excel instance. After the command execution, the opened workbook is active....

01. June 2016
The new Design Studio version will be released on 8th June. New features will be only available on BI platform, not on SAP NetWeaver. Here is a short Overview of the Roadmap. End user Waterfall Info Charts Display scaling factors in Info Chart Resizable, moveable dialogs Analyst Ad-hoc currency conversion Build virtual hierarchy of stacked dimensions Cascading Filter for Universe and CSV as Data Source Designer, developer, admin New standard components, e.g. Dialog, Filter Bar, Link, Multi-Line...