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09. March 2016
Design Studio Script Editor
I just want to implement a button which should print my application. I found a tutorial, which says the code is APPLICATION.PRINT. But when I write the coding in Design Studio, .Print isn't available.
07. March 2016
Design Studio Preferences
I just started working intensive with SAP Design Studio and developing own components. When you install Design Studio 1.6, it starts in local mode. In this mode you can save your design studio application only on your local maschine. If you want to use other supported platforms, you have to select the required platform in the settings.
07. March 2016
Since three days a new service pack of Analysis Office is available. Now you can use Analysis Office and Excel 2016. Here is a summary of new functions New settings in the Ao_app.config available for example: MaxNumberOfParallelThreads or NcoTraceLevel Separate tabs for Search, Area, Role and Workspaces in the Open Data Source dialog. A new callback called BeforeFirstPromptsDisplay is implemented More advanced settings are available for example RFCBundling, Allow Client and Language for SSO...
04. March 2016
Visual Studio Project Properties
In some cases you want to trigger an external program from a SAP system. In this part 1 I explain how to build a RFC Server with NCo 3.0. I had several problems when I started with this topic so I decided to write a short example. If someone want the Visual Studio project files, please contact me. So let's go. This Post describes how to build a simple RFC Server using SAP NCo 3.0 and the app.config. Part 2 will be describe how to build a RFC Server with RFC Parameter. As example program I use...