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30. May 2016
BEx Analyzer Average false values
When I was recently creating a new query at a customer, I have found a strange phenomenon. The query should show the average ticket number of a department. First you see the explanation and then I provide the solution of the problem. The query should show the individual, cumulative and average monthly values, as you can see in the screenshot.
25. May 2016
Here is a short overview about the new features of Analysis Office 2.3 The Analysis Office API has been extended. It is now possible to save data and to open workbooks. So you are now able to open workbooks via VBA macro, as then with sapbex.xla!SAPBExReadWorkbook or BExAnalyzer.xla!runWorkbook . It is now possible to cancel long-running queries You can now rename dimensions, attributes and measures There is now an option in the context menu of the components tab, which allows you to logoff...
24. May 2016
Since yesterday Analysis Office 2.3 is available. You can download it here, to download it you need a S-User with download credentials. The admin and user guide isn't available at the moment. I hope SAP will release it in the next days. First impressions can be made at this SCN article from Tammy Powlas. I just download the version and hope to write more in the next days.
17. May 2016
Analysis Office Save Query View
As in the BEx Analyzer you can save also query views in Analysis Office. Currently in version 2.2 SP2 you can find this option under Tools >> Save View.
09. May 2016
Analysis Office Add new advanced calculation
Since Analysis Office 2.1 you have a formula editor. You can find this function in the group Data Analysis >> Calculations >> Add Advanced Calculation.
02. May 2016
Change request after release
Open transaction se38 Open program RDDIT076 Execute (F8) Enter a request or task number Execute (F8) Doubleclick on a selected entry Switch between Display and Change (F9) Change your request Save (CTRL + S)