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18. October 2016
This week I don't have much time to write an article about Analysis Office, but I found an interesting article from Xavier about Migrating Analysis for Office workbooks from BW to BI Platform last week. The topic came up yesterday as a collegue asked me if I know why he can't save a workbook to the BI platform. The workbook was opened from a NetWeaver system and than the option save to BI Platform isn't available. So read this article if you have the same problem.
10. October 2016
Analysis Office SAPInsertLine After Dimension
The API command SAPInsertLine is available since version 2.2 SP3 of Analysis Office. With this function you can insert a new line into a crosstab. There are five input-parameters available: RuleID Data Source Alias Position PositionBy PositionBy parameters You can define the RuleID, if you do not define an ID, the system generates one automatically. As Data Source Alias, you have to enter the data source alias, e.g. DS_1. As Position you can choose between Before, After, BelowHeader or...
05. October 2016
Here is the post Analysis Office: How to work with Excel formulas as a short video.
04. October 2016
Analysis Office fetching data from server
Since Analysis Office 2.3 was released, you are able to cancel long-running queries. In the Ao_app.config you can define the parameter CancelPopupDelay. The default value is 5 seconds. You can change this setting to specify after how many seconds the cancel dialog should be displayed. The dialog could appear when you inserting a data source or navigating through the data and it took more than 5 seconds. If the dialog is displayed, you could press "cancel" to cancel the server request. In the...