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30. January 2017
Analysis Office with Excel formula
In Analysis Office 2.4 SAP improved the Table Design Editor. You can now create and edit formulas. In an earlier post, I described how to work with Excel formulas in a crosstab. You can add a new column with the table design functionality.
24. January 2017
Since 13.01.2017 the SP1 of Analysis Office 2.4 is available. You can download it here. You need a S-User to download it. There are three new file system settings: UseDataSourceDeltaUpdate EnforceDatePickerForCalendarDayVariable SetEmptiedDoubleDataCellsToValue0 There are also some changes in the User Interface Customization.
23. January 2017
SAP BW Transport Organizer
In my current project, we have a copy of the productive system as a maintenance system, because we made huge changes in the development system in case of the project. So if there is an error in the production, we can easily repair it. Some changes have also be transported into the development system, so we have the same state and our future request can be transported into production. For this we use the functionality Transport of Copies. All objects of the originally request are still locked....
16. January 2017
After we created in Part 1 the transparent tables and in Part 2 all BAdI implementation, we can now maintain and create our SPO. First we have to fill our table ZSPOPATTERN with a PATTERNID and a corresponding INFOOBJECT. Go to the se16 and create a new table entry. As PATTERNID enter a unique id for example CALYEAR and as INFOOBJECT 0CALYEAR. For TXTLG and TXTSM enter a useful text. Depending on how many InfoObject are used for a partition, create the other pattern.
09. January 2017
BAdI Builder: Create Implementation
After we created in part 1 all tables and objects, we can now create a new BAdI to generate the partitions. Go to the transaction se19 and create a new implementation with the Name RSLPO_BADI_PARTITIONING.
02. January 2017
At my current project I needed a way to create Semantic Partitioning Object (SPO) via BAdI to reduce the end-of-year work. After a little search via Google (you cannot find anything on the new SAP Community Page), I found these threads. Implementing Pattern-based Partitioning using the SPO BAdI - Part 1: Control Tables Step by step procedure to create dynamic partition on SPO using BAdi