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21. June 2017
BW/4HANA Transaction stms
I know that I don't publish a lot of new posts the last few weeks. The reason is I am writing on my diploma thesis. The title is "S/4HANA versus BW/4HANA - Zukunft der Datenanalyse". My deadline is in the middle of September so I have to write a lot these days. At the moment, I have access to a BW/4HANA instance in the cloud and I want to share how you could export your development before you terminate the instance. First you have to log on with the SAP* user in the client 000. Go to the...
07. June 2017
Last week the Analysis Office 2.4 SP3 was released. Here is a short overview of notes, which may solves some problems. 2460877 - Excel crashes when opening several workbooks with SAPListOfMessages 2461196 - Advanced calculation editor throws error when inserting a member 2468933 - Effective filter shows only # for compounded characteristic 2463167 - Non-SAP (built-in) formula cells of workbook are not refreshed 2467459 - Prompts dialog clears variable