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18. June 2018
Create External SAP HANA View for an ADSO
In my project I have now the opportunity to build SAP HANA Calculation Views. We use Calculation Views to combine two different Advanced DataStore Objects. First you have to set the parameter External HANA View in the setting of your ADSO. When you activate this setting a SAP HANA Table is created which you can use in a Calculation View.
14. June 2018
Today Analysis Office 2.7 was released. Thanks to Zisi1990, who pointed me seconds after it was released that it is available. You can download it with a S-User. Here is a short overview what's new in Analysis Office 2.7: You now have to two ribbon tabs. One for the analysis and one for design There is a new formula called SAPSelectMember. The formula returns a member of a dimension, this might be interressting for VBA. You can now save comments to BW/4HANA. The history of these comments is...