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25. October 2019
Analysis Office Workbook Structure
The Analysis Office Workbook saves a lot of information in it. The Microsoft Excel format xlsx is a container which can save a lot of other information besides the normal data. When you rename a xlsx file to a zip file you can extract it with for example 7-Zip. Now you see the following folder structure.
24. October 2019
Now the book Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide 4th edition is now available via You can use credit card, paypal and other payment options. >>>
02. October 2019
Default Value UseKeyForHierarchySelection
The latest version of Analysis Office is now available. It was released on 27.09.2019 and after the go live of my project is now done, I may have time to look more into Analysis Office again. AO Prompt Selection makes Excel.exe freeze (s-note 2836430) Analysis Office: Red borders around valid new line cells (s-note 2831840) Exception when opening or saving a workbook or data source after Log Off (s-note 2838591) RRI passes wrong context for axis tuple element (s-note 2834404)...