BW/4HANA: Customer Exit Variable with dynamic assignment

After my last post about Customer Exit Variables with an own enhancement spot I want to share another solution with you. In this blog post I want to show you how you can implement a BAdI implementation with a Z-Table (Customer Table). In this table you find the assignment between the BEx variable and the corresponding class for the customer exit.

Customer Table with assignment between variable and class
Customer Table with assignment between variable and class
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BW/4HANA 2.0 Customer Exit Variables with own enhancement spot

For a long time we used for checking and manipulation of customer exit variables the enhancement RSR00001. Since SAP BW 7.3 SAP offers the BAdI RSROA_VARIABLES_EXIT_BADI. Since BW/4 you only could use this BAdI and not anymore the enhancement RSR00001.


The BAdI RSROA_VARIABLES_EXIT_BADI is a filter based BAdI. As filter object is used the InfoObject which the variable is based on. Every implementation calls the interface IF_RSROA_VARIABLES_EXIT_BADI~PROCESS. So now let's create an example customer exit variable. The variable is based on Sales Channel (ZQV_ZSALCH_CEO_001) and can handle multiple single values.

Customer Exit Variable
Customer Exit Variable
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BW/4HANA 2.0 first impressions

I recently got a BW/4HANA 2.0 project. So I want to share some ideas and thoughts I discover in the whole process. First things first. Everything and I mean everything is only available in the BW/4 cockpit now. ADSO, InfoObject, Hierarchy management and even the Process Chain management is only available in the web. Some things are very confusing when you see it first. But let's dive in.

The modeling objects which are left should know everybody. You have only these items to build your data model:

  • InfoObject
  • Advanced DataStore Object (ADSO)
  • InfoSource
  • CompositeProvider
  • Open ODS View

This is it. And I think that is what @m_cubillos_o mean with "is really easier and faster to model?" Yes of course you have different options for an ADSO to model:

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Analysis Office Video Course is done

My video course about Analysis for Office is done. It will be released on 06.07.2020 @ 8:00 am MESZ. You find it under and you get more than 4 hours of 4k content for only 199€. The content will be extended if it is necessary. Here is a overview of the curriulum. 

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Customize Analysis Office 
  • Basic Functionality
  • Advanced Funtions
  • Reporting with Analysis API and VBA

Every chapter has a lot of videos to explain certain functions in detail. You can also view some letures as a preview for the course so have a look into it. Here are some examples with to show you what you can expect.


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Analysis Office 2.8 SP3 is available

I know its been a while since the last blog post. But I am currently working on the Analysis Office Video course to get it done. When you follow me on Twitter or Linkedin you get an update all the time. But back to topic. Analysis Office 2.8 SP3 is available almost over one week so let's look into it.


These bugs are fixed now:

  • #VALUE error for hierarchy leaves in SAPGetData in Fomula-optimized mode (s-note 2928899)
  • BAdI is not executed when launching (s-note 2923786)
  • Exception After Deleting an Excel Sheet (s-note 2907359)
  • Saving a workbook results in exception 0x800AC472 (s-note 2925165)

So its not much but after SAP released the standalone addin for SAP Analytics Cloud, they still working on Analysis for Office.


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Analysis Office Video Course

Currently I am working on my Analysis Office Video Course. It will be a full discover of Analysis for Office. So if you are interested in it, you can join the list to get a special price when it will be launched. 


Thank you for all your support.


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Analysis Office: Time Dependent Hierarchies

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What's new in Analysis Office 2.8 SP2

After the latest service pack of Analysis Office 2.8 was released this week, the online help is now available. Analysis Office now offers a button for creating and deleting of comments in the ribbon menu. In former versions, SAP used the text of Microsoft Excel for comments. As Microsoft renamed the comments to notes, it was inconsistent in the ribbon and the context menu. Now it is consistently again.


Also new is the file system setting UseLegacyModeForFormulaContext which allows you to specify the mode for creating formulas with Table Design. And in the planning area there is a new setting called PlanningFunctionUploadFolder, which allows you to upload the values for executing planning objects from a file.



So it is nothing big, but Analysis Office is still developing and not dead, even if there is a new SAC Addin. I hope there will be some feature I submitted. 

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SAP Transport Dependency Check

The SAP Transport Dependency Check (TDC) is a little tool that helps you to find corresponding transport requests in your SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse  which are not imported yet in your target system (e.g. production system). First you have to enter a transport request you want to check and also a target system and the last considered date (e.g. last go live).


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Analysis Office 2.8 SP2 is available

Since today the latest version of Analysis Office 2.8 (release notes) is available. You can download it with your s-user in the SAP Support Portal.  There are only a few fixes:

  • AO: BEx Analyzer Workbook Conversion - Not all filters of Text Element converted (s-note 2902130)
  • Chart Data Series are added again as Chart Data (s-note 2898931)
  • Exception thrown when the login process is interrupted (s-note 2900972)
  • Hierarchy selection disappears after confirming Filter Dialog in case of HANA (s-note 2897838)

The online help is not updated, but will be in a few days I think. Also the special addin for SAP Analytics Cloud 2.8 SP2 is released. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Get Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide

If you want the latest edition of Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide, you can get it now with a 20% discount until easter 2020. Use the code Easter2020 in the online shop


If you want to read a review first, have a look at the review from Tammy Powlas or from Xavier Hacking. Tammys review is about the 3rd edition and Xaviers about the 1st edition.


If you have any questions or need any help, don't hesitate to contact me.

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Analysis Office Dimension Grouping

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Analysis Office Show medium text in prompt filter

Until now, we speak of Analysis Office 2.8, if you have different text maintained for an infoobject, Analysis Office shows only the short text in the prompt dialog. The maintenance view of the InfoObject shows all different texts.

Master Data of an InfoObject
Master Data of an InfoObject
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Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide 5th edition is available

It is done, the latest version of my book Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide is available. It was a lot to do and so the book has now 346 pages. The 4th edition had only 299 pages. So there is some new stuff inside. The first 5 who contact me will get a promo discount code. Also I am happy if you want to write a review you get a review discount code. 


So you can buy it in the store. In future I will create more videos if there is any interest. So please leave a comment.

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What's new in Analysis Office 2.8

Yeah finally is Analysis Office 2.8 available. It took a long time. Here is a overview what's new.

  • In the prompt dialog you can clear all values
  • In the prompt dialog you can insert easily ranges with "value" "space" "minus" "space" "value" e.g. 2018 - 2019
  • You can display Dimension Groups in the Query.
  • The used dimensions are highlighted in the design panel
  • You can easily select the access mode in the property view
  • Variants in the prompt dialog are now in alphabetical order
  • You can easily get the admin or user guide by pressing F1 in the ribbon menu or the help on this function in the insert function dialog. The sam works for the customize user interface and the technical configuration.

This are some sweet features even not everything is running smoothly.

Highlighted dimensions
Highlighted dimensions
Grouped dimensions
Grouped dimensions

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Analysis Office 2.8 is available

Since last week the latest version of Analysis Office is available. I installed it right away and want to test it. And what I have to see? You cann't add hierarchies into the rows or columns of your crosstab. I tried to record it maybe you can see it in the video below.

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Analysis Office Filter multiple hierarchy nodes

This week I discussed with a colleague. He ask if there is any way to filter multiple entries in a hierarchy because there is no Paste or Upload function in the hierarchy filter dialog.

Filter Hierarchy Nodes by select manually
Filter Hierarchy Nodes by select manually
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Decode an Analysis Office Workbook

The Analysis Office Workbook saves a lot of information in it. The Microsoft Excel format xlsx is a container which can save a lot of other information besides the normal data. When you rename a xlsx file to a zip file you can extract it with for example 7-Zip. Now you see the following folder structure.

Analysis Office Workbook Structure
Analysis Office Workbook Structure
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Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide

Now the book Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide 4th edition is now available via You can use credit card, paypal and other payment options.



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Analysis Office 2.7 SP8 is available

The latest version of Analysis Office is now available. It was released on 27.09.2019 and after the go live of my project is now done, I may have time to look more into Analysis Office again. 

  •  AO Prompt Selection makes Excel.exe freeze (s-note 2836430)
  • Analysis Office: Red borders around valid new line cells (s-note 2831840)
  • Exception when opening or saving a workbook or data source after Log Off (s-note 2838591)
  • RRI passes wrong context for axis tuple element (s-note 2834404)
  • SAPSetFilterComponent and Time Characteristics (s-note 2829371)

As you can see in this version there is not many things fixed or maybe they found not more? But the What's new Guide lists some new file system settings (technical parameter)


  • ForceWriteOlapConnectionInformationDuringWorkbookSave 
  • UseDocumentDescriptionToConstructBIDocumentFileName
  • UseDocumentDescriptionToConstructBWDocumentFileName
  • SacHttpSessionPingInterval
  • SearchFetchMemberLimit
  • AllowOverwritingOfDimensionNames
  • AllowOverwritingOfStructureMemberNames
  • ReverseVariableProcessingOrderForHanaFromOldxml
  • UseKeyForHierarchySelection
  • UseQueryVariantsForViews

The admin guide now documented now all these parameters. A nice parameter is UseKeyForHierarchySelection, which allows you to define if you want to see the keys of a hierarchy in the first coloumn or second column of your prompt.

Default Value UseKeyForHierarchySelection
Default Value UseKeyForHierarchySelection
Changed Value UseKeyForHierarchySelection
Changed Value UseKeyForHierarchySelection

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