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Eclipse Install new software
10. November 2016
This week the new open SAP course BW/4HANA in a Nutshell started. It is a free course. One big thing is that BW/4HANA no longer supports the good old BEx Suite. You now have to use the BW Modeling Tools based on Eclipse. In this and further posts I will go deeper into the BW Modeling Tools and what is possible and what is not possible at the moment. If you have any questions feel free to ask or correct me ;) So let's get started.

BEx Analyzer Upload Selection
11. July 2016
A feature of Bex Analyzer was the upload of selections, so you haven't to type the selections all the time. This feature wasn't available for Analysis Office until version 2.2 SP3. So I looked deeper in this function and want to share my knowledge.

BEx Query Properties Last Changed
07. June 2016
The other day I had a very strange phenomenon. I was at a client, where I had created several queries a month ago. The query information shows me as owner of these queries. In the meantime the Department has made some small changes, so that I was no longer the last user who changed the query.

BEx Analyzer Average false values
30. May 2016
When I was recently creating a new query at a customer, I have found a strange phenomenon. The query should show the average ticket number of a department. First you see the explanation and then I provide the solution of the problem. The query should show the individual, cumulative and average monthly values, as you can see in the screenshot.

Analysis Office Add new advanced calculation
09. May 2016
Since Analysis Office 2.1 you have a formula editor. You can find this function in the group Data Analysis >> Calculations >> Add Advanced Calculation.

02. January 2015
In SAP Support Portal you find the Note 1101143. The Note provides an overview of the factors which affecting the performance of BEx Analyzer.
SAP Business Warehouse data base locks
BW · 04. December 2014
Remove a database lock in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse.