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08. May 2019
Detail view of an entry
How to fix incorrect data in a SAP table like a DataStoreObject or PSA table.
23. July 2018
Transport already released
In my current project we have a go live. So I needed a function to reset the transport status of some transports. So if you release your transport falsely the transport is locked by release and can no longer be removed from the transport status. Maybe you also want to delete the entire transport request. This option is also denied as soon as the tasks have been released. The standard procedures are very laborious and not only cost a lot of time, but also have a certain risk potential. SAP...
12. January 2018
Old booked value
Lately, all my posts started with "In my current project", so now something else, even if it was developed in the current project. The problem we are facing with is that we get a data extraction which deliver us only the new data records, not the reverse data record.
21. June 2017
BW/4HANA Transaction stms
I know that I don't publish a lot of new posts the last few weeks. The reason is I am writing on my diploma thesis. The title is "S/4HANA versus BW/4HANA - Zukunft der Datenanalyse". My deadline is in the middle of September so I have to write a lot these days. At the moment, I have access to a BW/4HANA instance in the cloud and I want to share how you could export your development before you terminate the instance. First you have to log on with the SAP* user in the client 000. Go to the...
16. May 2017
I described in a earlier post how to use BW/4HANA on Amazon AWS. But if you just need a developing system for some time and don't want to use BW/4HANA, you can use the BW 7.5 SP2 developer edition on a virtual machine.
18. April 2017
First Layer of the data model
In my current project, we have to deal with 30.000.000 records for the initialization run and about 10.000.000 records each day. The big problem is we have no SAP HANA system for BW. So, we have to build a perfect data model to load the data and push it through the BW to deliver it to another DWH system. First I want to describe how our first steps worked and then which parameter we changed to make it more efficient. I will also describe where we had our problems and how we have solved them. So...
05. April 2017
Old with only one MultiProvider
In my current project, we want to separate the current MultiProvider with VirtualProvider underneath into one MultiProvider with VirtualProvider and one MultiProvider without VirtualProvider. This step is necessary, because we receive a lot of data and don't want to push all these data through the VirtualProvider. The VirtualProvider only add one field which we haven't got in our InfoCubes and it isn't necessary in all queries just a few.
20. March 2017
Enter Parameter Entry for database information
Sometimes it is necessary to check your data model if it still fit your needs. For this you can use the transaction rsrv. Select there under All Elementary Tests >> Database >> Database information about InfoProvider tables.
06. March 2017
Table RSPCCHAIN find variante
In my current project I had to clean up the existing process chains. A lot of process chains were created via SPOs and not really used in the system. First I had to check, if one is used in a another process chain or in which one they are used.
27. February 2017
SE16 Table TADIR
In my current project we have to transport from a maintenance system to our development system. The problem is when you now transport the objects into quality system, you have to check the option "Overwrite Originals" so that your transport is working. But you have to put this flag on every transport you make in the future from your development system to quality.

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