Overview SAP Business Objects tools

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

  • For executives of middle manager, business analysts and employees without management responsonsibility
  • Access to data from various sources without technical background
  • Mobile access via SAP Business Objects Mobile

SAP Crystal Reports

  • well-formatted reports
  • Recipients are management, controlling department, etc.
  • Created by technical skilled report authors
  • Accuracy pixel output
  • Provide customers a product data sheet pdf, which constantly update price, image and components

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard

  • Recipients are directors and manager of middle management
  • Creating interactive, real-time dashboards
  • Analyzes based on simulations with interactive controls

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

  • Ideally for board members
  • Browse the entire SAP BusinessObjects BI platform with simple keywords
  • Visualization of results
  • Mobile applications for iPhone and iPad
  • Integration of Google Maps

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edition für Microsoft Office

  • For managers of middle management, business analysts and employees without management responsibility
  • Perfect integrated in Microsoft Office

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edition für OLAP

  • Client for Business Analysts
  • Intuitive, webbased interface to perform data analysis

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

  • Replacement for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
  • Intuitive "WYSIWYG" development enviroment
  • Optimized for web and mobile devices output
  • Supports HANA specific services


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