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30. December 2014
From time to time it happens that the source system delivers special characters and the Business Warehouse system can not handle it. So the loading process may be crashed. One solution is the following ABAP code: DATA: zeichen(1) TYPE c, muster(2) TYPE c, field TYPE c LENGTH 000060. field = SOURCE_FIELDS-YYSTREET. DO. IF field CO ' !"%&()*+,-./:;<=>?_0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZÄÖÜßabcdefg' & & 'hijklmnopqrstuvwxyzäöü '. EXIT. ELSE. zeichen = field+sy-fdpos(1)....
23. December 2014
While checking or activation of an InfoSet the BW System generates the following Dump: "UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION" CX_RS_INPUT_INVALID "CL_RSQ_ISET_APPEND ============ CP" "SPLIT_APPENDNM_FALIAS" Solution: This is a program error and by installing the SAP Note 1970282 resolve this issue.
22. December 2014
Excel minus figures display
Unfortunately, SAP export negative numbers like "Number-":
17. December 2014
AO Settings
There are two ways to define a default workbook in Analysis for Office (AO). Either every user can define autonomously a Workbook as default Workbook or the IT sets this globally for all users permanently. The first way is very time-consuming because you have to define the default workbook for every Analysis Office User manually. The second way is much more comfortable.
16. December 2014
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence For executives of middle manager, business analysts and employees without management responsonsibility Access to data from various sources without technical background Mobile access via SAP Business Objects Mobile
11. December 2014
There is a SAP Note which was released 2009. This Note shows how to change key figures of an InfoProvider, even though they are used. The Note is 579342.
09. December 2014
SAP Business Warehouse RSA1 Unlock InfoObjects
Transaction rsa1 or rsdcube Menu >> Extras Select "Unlock InfoObjects"
05. December 2014
The following source code allows you to connect your DataSource to a BW system. The workbook must contain a DataSource (DS_1). At this moment you can't open a workbook like BEx 3.5 or 7.0. In Analysis Office 2.3 you have now the option to open a workbook with the function SAPOpenWorkbook.
04. December 2014
SAP Business Warehouse data base locks
When the BEx Query Designer crashes while you are creating or modify a query, the user lock this query in the database. You can remove the lock with the Transaction sm12 and erase the entry. Open TA sm12 Click list Select the required entry Click delete
03. December 2014
AO Undo
There are a lot of new features in Analysis Office 1.4. As you can see the Undo/Redo function of Analysis Office is much more extensive than in the good old BEx Suite. it is now possible to go several steps back and to revoke.

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