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31. July 2018
Since Analysis Office 2.6 you are able to launch workbooks from BIP with variables. The biggest problem is to have a BI Platform 4.2 SP5 and time to test this feature. In case of writing an updated version of Analysis Office - The Comprehensive Guide, I now have a BI Platform which fulfilled the conditions. According to SAP slides, the command looks like this:
Transport already released
23. July 2018
In my current project we have a go live. So I needed a function to reset the transport status of some transports. So if you release your transport falsely the transport is locked by release and can no longer be removed from the transport status. Maybe you also want to delete the entire transport request. This option is also denied as soon as the tasks have been released. The standard procedures are very laborious and not only cost a lot of time, but also have a certain risk potential. SAP...

Analysis Office Components tab - Use Data Source Formula-Optimized
16. July 2018
A new function in Analysis Office 2.7 is "Select Data Source for Defining Formulas". But what does this mean? First the prerequisites: BW/4HANA SP8 and apply the following notes: 2624495 and 2600508 BW 7.50 SP12 (or >= SP8 and apply the following notes: 2579842, 2627315, 2624495 and 2600508) So I just logged into my BW 7.50 test system and what I have to see, we only have a BW 7.5 SP11. So I have applied the notes and each note need further notes to implemented. I just want to test something...