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23. March 2018
Since two days the new version of Analysis Office 2.6 is available. You need as always a S-User to download the latest version. Here is a short overview what it might fix: AO 2.x: Table Design Formulas causes crash on initialze of Design Rules Tab if no applicable Data was found (s-note 2609841) Analysis Office: Existing workbook in favorites folders on BIP will not be overwritten (s-note 2614892) Analysis Office: Grouping crosstabs from different worksheets throws an exception (s-note 2614536)...
19. March 2018
Here is a short post about something I just found and never used until now. You can create restrictions in Analysis Office by either using the context menu of a measure or via the ribbon menu entry under Calculations >> Add Restrictions. It will display a new dialog where you can define your restrictions.