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28. May 2018
After a short vacation over Pentecost I have now time to write "What's new in Analysis Office 2.6 SP3". A short overview yo find in this post. The user guide shows some new things: The formula SAPSetFilterComponent has two new parameters: MEMBERSELECTOR You can now copy Table Design from one Crosstab to another. This is really cool. Table Design formulas can now be restricted The admin guide has 20 new pages to the Analysis Office 2.6 guide. The settings chapter is new organized and in my...
18. May 2018
Since yesterday Analysis Office 2.6 SP3 is available. You need as always a S-User to download the latest version. Here is a short overview what it might fix. "Create Web Application" button is not enabled when SAP Lumira Designer is installed (s-note 2636541) Correct sorting of members of type CalendarDay or DateTime in Filter Dialog (s-note 2625487) Exception after saving workbook as PDF (s-note 2633496) Filter Dialog does not update Hierarchy after switch of Access Mode (s-note 2637491)...
08. May 2018
SAP BW Assign infoobject to MultiProvider
In my current project we run into an issue that we have to match navigation attributes from one ADSO to an infoobject of another ADSO. The old feature of a MultiProvider was to Identify (assign).
08. May 2018
I hope you can help me, to find out if there is any interesting about a book that covers BW Backend topics. I think about a book which covers SAP HANA, AMDP/ABAP, BW Administration and so on. Thanks for your time.
03. May 2018
Create new Compositeprovider
If you want to create a Composite Provider in the BW Modeling Tools, you have to choose New >> Composite Provider in the context menu of your InfoArea or File >> New >> Composite Provider.